Children’s fruit snacks test positive for pesticides


WASHINGTON – Pesticides are found at detectable levels in dozens of fruit leather strips and dried fruit, two of the most popular children’s snacks, according to the results of new Environmental Working Group testing.

EWG’s just-released dried fruit and fruit leather tests were conducted in 2021 and 2022 by an independent laboratory on 37 samples of organic and conventional fruit leather from 10 well-known brands, including 365 Whole Foods Market, Bear, Bob Snail, Good & Gather, Stretch Island, That’s It and Trader Joe’s, and 30 samples of dried fruit from 16 brands.

Detectable levels of pesticides known to harm people were found in all 26 samples of non-organic fruit leather tested and in half of the non-organic samples of dried fruit.

Organic produce can sometimes contain small traces of pesticide residue because of contamination from nearby non-organic, or conventional, fields or from another point in the production process.