New Zealand Gov’t Official Blows Whistle on Possible Covid Vaccine Deaths Cover Up

New Zealand government vaccination database official has gone rogue and blown the whistle on the real numbers of deaths related to the mandatory Covid vaccine roll-out in the world’s most vaccinated country. The whistleblower was involved in building and implementing a vaccine payment system for providers. He says he noticed large numbers of people dying straight after taking the vaccine, which provoked his curiosity and caused him to dig a little deeper. 

What the patriotic New Zealander found regarding “bad batches” and the extraordinary number of dead compatriots shocked him to the core and encouraged him to blow the whistle. Scroll down for the video in which he details his findings.

 The world has been subject to a massive deception. It’s almost as if all the so-called “experts” conspired to deceive everyone regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. From the origin of the virus to the death toll, masks, lockdowns, and finally the vaccine itself, it appears that everything was part of a grand illusion, weaponized to both create and conceal a political agenda.

NZ Herald: New Zealand has recorded the largest increase in the number of registered deaths since the 1918 influenza pandemic, new data from Stats NZ shows. The births and deaths figures, for the year ending December 2022, show there were 38,574 deaths in 2022, 10.4 per cent (3642) more than in 2021. This increase – attributed to Covid-19 and an ageing population – is the biggest year-on-year jump since the 55.4 per cent (5835) spike in deaths following the 1918 flu pandemic. Most of the increase in deaths occurred in older age groups where Covid-19 poses an increased mortality risk.