E*Trade Reportedly Considers Shutting Down Roaring Kitty

Credit: QuoteInspector.com


Welcome to the wild world of Wall Street, where the elite financial institutions play a game of high-stakes poker with the stock market, confidently knowing the house always wins. It’s a place where “market manipulation” is a dirty word—unless, of course, you’re the one doing the manipulating. When the tables turn, and the little guys start fighting back, those very same titans of finance who rig the game suddenly cry foul. This tale of hypocrisy and greed was never more evident than in the saga of Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, and the army of retail investors who decided to make GameStop their battleground.

Entities like E*Trade and its overlord, Morgan Stanley, have reportedly considered shutting Roaring Kitty’s account down. Yes, Morgan Stanley, the same multinational investment bank that’s no stranger to being accused of bending the rules, now positioned itself as the guardian of market integrity. The hypocrisy would be laughable if it weren’t so infuriating.

Let’s pause and savor the irony here. E*Trade, along with its corporate master Morgan Stanley, is ostensibly concerned about “stock manipulation.” This is from an industry where the term “pump and dump” isn’t a cautionary tale, but a Tuesday afternoon. When Roaring Kitty orchestrates a rally that leaves hedge funds clutching their pearls, it’s market manipulation. When the suits engineer a short squeeze for profit, it’s just business as usual.