Starbucks’ new plastic straw-less lids use MORE plastic than the old lid and straw combo

 | S.D. Wells  08/02/2018 10:06 AM MDT
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

(Natural News) You don’t have to be insane or dumb to drink Starbucks coffee, but you might want to stop thinking for a few minutes if you’re trying to make sense of their environmentally-conscious (or unconscious in this case) efforts to reduce single-use plastic situations. Before you cast judgment though, this is not a one-time mistake or misrepresentation of a mission for conservation, because Starbucks isn’t just replacing plastic straws with extra heavy plastic lids, but they’re replacing plastic single straws with paper straws sold in plastic wrappers that use MORE plastic than the single plastic straw did. If your brain is aching right now, that’s because Starbucks isn’t catering to you, but to their usual Leftists who like vying for causes that make no sense at all.

While certain businesses (and even U.S. cities) move to ban plastic straws and plastic utensils (and also make them illegal), nobody’s considering the billions of plastic water bottles sold by those same polluting propagandists. You see, the “War on Straws” is not based on facts or even sensibility; it’s based on emotion and petty thinking. This supports the irrational “idealism” of the far Left, a cabal of hypocritical intolerant Millennials who only support causes that fit their immediate gratification lifestyles, but pay no mind to common sense, safety, important laws, and the big picture in general.

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