Hidden camera captures nurses laughing as U.S. veteran gasps for air and dies in a hospital

 | JD Heyes  11/28/2017 9:49 AM MST

In a world where there is so much outrageous behavior, most of us have become numb to a great deal of it. But some things do still surpass our “outrage” threshold and this is certainly one of those instances.

As reported by Atlanta-based NBC affiliate 11Alive, an undercover video has surfaced showing some of the most callous behavior you are likely to ever see from another human being, especially by people who have pledged to provide lifesaving medical care.

What’s worse, this outrage happened to a U.S. veteran.

The video, with audio, shows a World War II veteran calling for help six times while gasping for air, calling out until he lapses into unconsciousness before dying. While the decorated U.S. Navy veteran, James Dempsey of Woodstock, Ga., was begging for help, nursing home staff assigned to care for him were laughing as he died.