Mad scientists create a chicken that has a dinosaur face in shocking new experiment

 | Vicki Batts  04/20/2017 10:56 AM MDT
Credit: Public Domain

Could we soon be living in a world where Jurassic Park is a real thing? It appears scientists learned nothing from that rather foreboding film, as a team of researchers at Yale University have managed to create chickens with dinosaur-like snouts, in yet another instance of man playing God.

Indeed, these scientists have created chickens that resemble their ancient ancestors, dinosaurs, by manipulating their genetics. To conduct their “experiment,” the scientists altered the genes of chicken embryos to change how the skull and beak would form. Apparently, they hope to find the missing link between modern birds and dinosaurs.

Paleontologist Dr. Bhart-Anjan S. Bhullar and biologist Dr. Arhat Abzhanov led the shocking study — which is really just one of many disturbing experiments being conducted in the name of science.

It’s believed that dinosaurs were snuffed out of existence some 65 million years ago by an asteroid that struck the Earth — but one species managed to survive the impact, and today we know them as birds. Scientists have believed that birds evolved from dinosaurs since the 19th century. But earlier species of birds did not have beaks; they had snouts like their dinosaur predecessors. And in an effort to understand this change, the Yale team has been experimenting with the molecular processes that cause birds to develop beaks.

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