Video Shows Iraqi Troops Killing Mosul Detainees

 | Jason Ditz 07/14/2017 11:03 AM MDT

The Iraqi Defense Ministry has promised an investigation today after videos emerged of Facebook showing Iraqi soldiers in Mosul killing detainees, saying they were aware of the reports and such incidents wouldn’t be tolerated.

The videos show Iraqi soldiers, in uniform, savagely beating detainees, and accusing them of being ISIS. At one point, the soldiers cast detainees off the wall overlooking the Tigris River, wten shoot at their bodies when they land by the river bed.

A second video from the same Facebook page, touting the “heroes” of Iraq’s Army 16th division,shows Iraqi soldiers, again in uniform, killing an unarmed man kneeling in front of a car. Two other videos are on the page, but those only show savage beatings and no apparent deaths.

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