US military considers ramping up Libya presence

 07/11/2017 11:18 AM MDT
Special Forces
Credit: The U.S. Army - FLickr

(CNN)A new diplomatic and military policy for Libya that could significantly expand US involvement in the country could be finalized by the Trump administration in the next few weeks, according to two US officials.

The policy, if approved, would aim to further the existing US goal of supporting reconciliation between rival factions in eastern and western areas of Libya. The policy could also lead to the eventual re-opening of the US embassy and the establishing of a new intelligence sharing effort led by US special forces, according to the officials.
If approved, this would be the latest country in which President Donald Trump is expanding the US counterterrorism effort.
    The new approach could lead to more regular visits to Libya by diplomatic personnel, including the US ambassador, who has not been stationed in the country because of the unstable situation.