New York expo on conspiracy theories aims to capture zeitgeist

 |  [AFP News] Thomas URBAIN
 09/19/2018 12:38 PM MDT

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The Kennedy assassination, Watergate, 911 and the war in Iraq: all these landmark events in US history fueled public suspicions about the elites and fostered conspiracy theories that inspired artists, and are the focus of a new exhibition at New York's Met Breuer museum.

"Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy," which opened on Tuesday and runs until January 6, attempts to capture the zeitgeist of an age riven with alternative theories about the hidden machinations of power, in what museum director Max Hollein calls a "timely exhibition."

The history of conspiracy theories goes back centuries, but the show at the Met Breuer -- an offshoot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to modern and contemporary works -- kicks off with the most famous of the modern era, the assassination of president John F Kennedy.