Florida stands up for the First Amendment by eliminating college “free speech” zones that limit speaking to pre-approved locations

 | JD Heyes  03/09/2018 9:21 AM MST
Free Speech
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Throughout my career as a journalist and political scientist, I’ve never come across any historical evidence indicating that our Founding Fathers sought to limit Americans’ free speech rights to certain areas.

And yet that’s precisely what many colleges and universities do. Administrators have adopted policies creating “free speech zones” where they essentially funnel students and speakers who espouse political, social, and cultural viewpoints with which they disagree.

Thankfully, more and more states are waking up to this speech suppression, and that includes Florida.

The Sunshine State is set to enact new protections for free-thinking, liberty-minded, largely conservative students on campus who have been increasingly shunned, persecuted and harangued by Marxist university administrators and professors.

As reported by The Washington Times, state lawmakers recently passed the Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act of 2018, with votes in the House and Senate of 84-28 and 33-5 respectively. Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, now has it on his desk.

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