Hero saves 50 people including babies and the sick from Hurricane Harvey floods in a boat after rescuers failed to show

 | Emma Parry 08/31/2017 9:18 AM MDT
Credit: AF.mil

A MAN has been hailed a hero after rescuing 50 people from homes deluged by Hurricane Harvey floods in Texas after official rescues failed to show up.

Gaelon Phillips, 23, waited for around seven to eight hours in his hometown of Port Arthur for a rescue helicopter to show up - before being told they couldn’t take his family because they were so busy.

The artist and music producer, whose Facebook page was filling up with messages from friends and neighbours begging to be rescued, then decided to take matters into his own hands.

Gaelon’s uncle and a friend came round with a boat and together they worked tirelessly all Wednesday to rescue 50 stricken people - including newborn babies, elderly people and the sick - and get them to dry land.