Horrifying video shows how opioid addiction has transformed the city of Baltimore into a Third World city

If you want to see just how quickly drugs can plunge a beautiful and thriving city into desolation, look no further than Baltimore. On the surface, the city has plenty to offer, with lots of history, a lovely harbor, diverse entertainment options, and top research and medical facilities. However as opiate addiction has spread throughout the city over the past several years, it has turned it into a place that is no longer befitting of its nickname, Charm City.

In fact, a more suitable nickname would be The Heroin Capital of the United States as the city now has the dubious honor of having the highest per-capita rate of heroin addiction in the nation. Of the city’s 645,000 residents, it is estimated that around 60,000 are drug addicts and 48,000 of these people are hooked on heroin.

While the problem is not new to the city, it has gotten progressively worse in recent years. In fact, a report by High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program notes that one out of every ten Baltimore residents takes the drug. Last year saw more than 300 fatal heroin overdoses in the city and almost as many hospital emergencies related to heroin use, and the problem is only expected to get worse.

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