The “#WalkAway Campaign” — What Is It?

Interestingly, and even more amazing, Leftists and Liberals are waking up to what’s been going on in the politically correct meme they embraced.  They apparently are coming to realize how that meme’s values have disappointed them and those who joined their ranks, deceptively reprogramming them in to what they did not want to embrace ideologically.

Former Leftists and Liberals, who have left the ‘cult of reverse attitude hatred’, realize they were being programmed to think, believe, hate and act in the very fashion they originally so adamantly opposed.


Nothing, in my opinion as a free-thinking, independent researcher and journalist, emphasizes the apparently ‘new found religion of Anti-Left Liberalism’ than what is expressed in the video below.  The video maker has launched the #WalkAway Campaign as a result of his realization that what’s going on in the name of Leftists, Liberals and Democrats no longer represent his core values. He expresses them in no uncertain terms, his First Amendment Constitutional right to free speech.  He invites others to think for themselves and decide whether to “walk away.”