WikiLeaks' Julian Assange faces possible threat of eviction, extradition

 | James Gordon Meek Ali Dukakis  08/30/2018 9:36 AM MDT

LONDON — For Julian Assange, the world’s most famous whistleblower, freedom could be dangerous.

As his residency at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London enters its seventh year, the self-styled cyber revolutionary – WikiLeaks’ founder and controversial publisher of some of the world’s most closely guarded official secrets – is facing a pair of converging crises that have left his allies fearing for his wellbeing and his safety.

Inside the embassy, he is living an increasingly secluded existence, having been stripped of his phones, computers and visitor privileges after running afoul of the very government that gave him asylum. Outside the embassy, he is embroiled in the global political scandal surrounding Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election, with questions about his role in that drama being raised by friends and foes alike.

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