Assange Loses U.K. Warrant Fight Before Judge Who Says He Lacks Courage

 | Jess Shankleman  02/13/2018 10:24 AM MST
Credit: Maina Kiai - Flickr

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost his bid to have a U.K. court dismiss the arrest warrant that he’s been avoiding for 5 1/2 years by hiding in Ecuador’s embassy in London, with the London judge saying he lacked courage.

It’s the second time this month the U.K. judge has refused to overturn the warrant issued for the Australian after he failed to appear at court for a Swedish sexual assault probe in 2012.

“He’s a man who wants to impose his terms on the course of justice,” Judge Emma Arbuthnot said. “Defendants on bail up and down the country, and requested persons facing extradition, come to court to face the consequences of their own choices. He should have the courage to do so too.”

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