Monsanto secretly ran “Let Nothing Go” campaign that paid internet trolls to post pro-Monsanto comments all across the internet

 | Vicki Batts  06/29/2018 9:30 AM MDT
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

(Natural News) When it comes to the list of Monsanto’s dirty deeds, there is no end in sight. News on the biotech industry’s most scandalous company and their unscrupulous efforts at keeping the truth about their toxic products from reaching the masses just keeps cropping up. With so many investigations and lawsuits going on, its no wonder that new stories of misconduct and other questionable actions continue to make headlines.

One of the latest revelations is that Monsanto ran a covert “Let Nothing Go” campaign to overrun the internet with pro-Monsanto propaganda. During the pretrials of over 50 lawsuits, the dirty plan to spread pro-Monsanto Kool-aid came to light. Just how far will Monsanto go to obscure the truth about glyphosate, GMOs and hide their toxic reputation as a whole? At this point, it seems like there is no limit to what they’ll do to keep the profits rolling in.

Monsanto’s massive propaganda campaign

Under the Let Nothing Go scheme, Monsanto paid internet trolls to defend the company and its products and post positive comments on articles, Facebook posts and more. This sham was revealed during the on-going lawsuits against Monsanto for glyphosate cancer-causing effects. Sources say the lawyers declared:

“Monsanto even started the aptly-named “Let Nothing Go” program to leave nothing, not even Facebook comments, unanswered; through a series of third parties, it employs individuals who appear to have no connection to the industry, who in turn post positive comments on news articles and Facebook posts, defending Monsanto, its chemicals, and GMOs.”

Virtually all online materials, including social media posts and comments, were targeted — truly letting “nothing go.”

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