Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s World Mercury Project delivers vaccine safety details to Congress

 | JD Heyes  03/20/2018 9:25 AM MDT
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Vaccine safety champion and medical choice advocate Robert F. Kennedy and his World Mercury Project have delivered a promised report to Congress providing details on a six-step program to “introduce sound science and transparency to our vaccination program” for children, according to an announcement by the organization.

The organization said that 15 like-minded advocates joined Kennedy on Capitol Hill “to fulfill our promise to the community” in providing data they said would dramatically improve child vaccine safety.

“Federally elected officials can no longer ignore the chronic health conditions — tied in no small part to adverse vaccine reactions — that currently affect over half our nation’s children,” the statement said. “Not only are these officials now aware of the conflicts of interest and inadequate science upon which the vaccine program is built, but they have been given a common-sense plan for enacting desperately needed changes that puts children’s health first.”

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