Produce suppliers are now using a chemical “freshness preserver technology” on your fruits and vegetables

 | Edsel Cook  02/20/2018 10:56 AM MST
Dole Fresh Fruit
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

You may want to reconsider biting into that fresh apple. A GreenMedInfo article sounded the alarm about a cancer-causing, gene-damaging chemical liberally used by suppliers as a “freshness preserver technology” for fruits and vegetable.

Used by the U.S. and more than forty countries, the carcinogenic and genotoxic chemical is made by AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., and it goes by many trade names.

It’s patented as SmartFresh Technology if it’s applied to produce after the harvest. It goes by the name Harvista in apple and pear orchards, and bananas know it as RipeLock.

No matter the name of the product, the active ingredient remains the same. SmartFresh uses 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), a synthetic chemical that tricks fruits and vegetables into delaying their ripening by up to a year.

Manufacturer AgroFresh Solutions hawks SmartFresh/RipeLock/Harvista as a way to “reduce fruit waste” and “maintain texture, firmness, taste, and appearance of fruits by warding off negative ethylene effects.”