Single-payer British health system may begin rationing surgeries even if it kills people due to a lack of funding

 | JD Heyes  11/09/2017 9:12 AM MST

For anyone who is serious about genuine healthcare reform in the United States, Britain’s National Health Service continues to provide example after example of why Americans should politically punish Sen. Bernie Sanders and any other Democrat who insists in implementing a similar system here.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, the NHS’ financial watchdog says it may soon have to ration surgeries even if it risks some patients’ lives because the system is so under-funded.

In addition, NHS Improvement warned that the lives of some patients are already being cut short due to routine operations being rationed.

Jim Mackey, head of the watchdog group, says the health service is “juggling hand to mouth” and has been forced to “de-prioritize” surgeries that were not urgent. He added that if the health service is not provided with more tax money in the future, then in two weeks’ time British lawmakers (and the general public NHS serves) should expect there to be some “adjustment” of what the NHS can and cannot provide.

“At some point there’s going to have to be an adjustment of what the expectations are,” he said. “We’re all just juggling hand-to-mouth, none of us really feel like we’ve got a long-term plan.”

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