Fears of a new deadly PLAGUE growing, as Malawi becomes latest African nation on alert

 | JD Heyes  11/14/2017 9:29 AM MST

Malawi is the latest African nation in danger of experiencing an outbreak of deadly plague, as the disease continues to spread throughout the island of Madagascar, the UK’s Daily Mail reports.

Some 143 people have died so far, and another 2,000 have been infected in Madagascar since an outbreak of the disease in early August.

Despite fears that the plague may spread there, Malawi’s health secretary says that his country is prepared to handle the disease. Porous borders between African nations are feeding the outbreak.

Dr. Dan Namarika, Malawi’s primary health official, told reporters that his country is working together with neighboring Mozambique to prepare as best as possible for a potential outbreak.

“We have infection prevention materials ready and groups and teams ready to be activated if there is a trigger,” Namarika said.

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