Mortality data show the ACA was a health care nightmare that caused many needless deaths

 | Ethan Huff  07/07/2017 9:03 AM MDT
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Many on the “left” are freaking out over the GOP’s proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” In lockstep with the Democrat narrative, they claim that a full repeal of, or even slight modifications to, the government health care bill will end up costing “thousands” of people their lives, despite data suggesting the exact opposite.

To be more specific, the current chatter from those opposed to pretty much everything that President Trump and his allies in Congress want to do with regards to health care is that Obamacare needs to be left alone because it supposedly saves thousands of lives per year. But is this actually the case, and on what legitimate basis is this sweeping claim being made?

It seems to be that it’s mostly out of thin air, with the only evidence being “tweets” by people like Hillary Clinton who are likening any tinkering to government health care as instituted by Obama as “death panels.” The failed Democratic candidate actually went to Twitter to accuse the Republican Party of being the “death party” for trying to change and/or repeal Obamacare.

Nothing could be further from the truth, it turns out. While there are problems with the GOP’s approach to modifying health care – many in the Trump camp are pushing the president to stay true to his promise of a full repeal – it most certainly will not “kill lots of people” as the lunatic left is now screaming from the rooftops.

In a recent study by the Manhattan Institute’s Oren Cass, it is revealed that the estimates of the number of lives supposedly saved under Obamacare are not based on actual mortality data. Instead, these fictitious numbers were blindly extrapolated from other similar programs like “Romneycare” in Massachusetts, which because it expanded insurance coverage is said to have helped prevent some people from dying

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