Brexit chaos after Leavers deny Remainers’ claims PM will allow them to veto a ‘no-deal’

 | Tom Newton Dunn, Harry Cole and Steve Hawkes 06/13/2018 8:51 AM MDT
Credit: UK Home Office  -  Flickr

The PM came through a crucial vote only after pro-EU Tories forced her to agree to boost Remainer MPs’ power over negotiations with Brussels.

But amid chaos last night, Leavers flatly denied Remainers’ claims that Mrs May had allowed them to veto any “no-deal” walk away.

Senior Brexiteers insisted that the PM had told them the exact opposite just minutes later — and had promised the rebels nothing but a discussion.

No10 faced massive pressure to clear up the confusion.

A senior Brexiteer in the Government told The Sun: “If Theresa has sold us out here she is in real trouble. There is no way she can recover if she has f***ed us over.”

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