Liberals Attack ‘Queer Eye’ Star For Tweeting ‘Not All Republicans Are Racist’

 08/17/2018 8:55 AM MDT
Credit: Vulture  -  YouTube Screenshot

A star of the Netflix show “Queer Eye,” Jonathan Van Ness, is getting heat from the left after he sent out a tweet calling for Democrats to stop demonizing Trump supporters.

Not all republicans are racist. Just like not all democrars are evil, we have to stop demonizing eachother. Unless you’re actually racist then you suck, Trump is Racist – not all his voters are necessarily we gotta remember we are all in this together.

— Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) August 15, 2018

At this point, if they are still supporting Trump, they are racists at worst, don't care if people are racists at best. Sorry, @jvn I see no way around this. I've severed ties with family members who insist on supporting Trump.

— MLWalley37 (@MLWalley37) August 15, 2018

This is the worst political advice ever. Progressive candidates that actually stand for something are how we win. Running towards the center with Clinton just gave us 4 years of Trump – let’s not be silly again. People want universal healthcare… period.

— ಠ_ಠ (@jizzywinks) August 15, 2018

Jonathan Van Ass

— Ed Zitron (@edzitron) August 15, 2018

Have you paid attention to any election in 8 years? Center-Left candidates have lost 1,000 seats at all levels. Repeating the same mistaken action and expecting a different result is a negligent idea. Also that too far left you’re speaking of just wants healthcare for all.

— Justin (@RollsonShabbos) August 15, 2018

— Amy (@amybeleckas) August 15, 2018

If Republicans move to the far right and Democrats race for the centre, the entire discourse slides rightwards, which is why a great many sane and constructive policies are now considered "radical leftism". Democrats must RUN to the left.

— Gay Andrew Wheeler (@Wheeler) August 16, 2018

Next time just write you know nothing about politics

— Red Rose (@samhwils) August 15, 2018

Centrism is so Useless

— L I V E F r o m C r y s t a l T o k y o (@MezzoM) August 15, 2018

what a shame

— crackhead squidward (@wildcorndogs) August 15, 2018

Breaking my heart jvn

— Heather Martin (@GreenEggsnPubes) August 15, 2018

So far right is good ?

— Gamer_Dad_TV – (@GamerDadTV) August 15, 2018

Dammit Johnathan

— Kristin (@heyitskris918) August 15, 2018


Van Ness responded to the haters on Twitter, saying, “left people are not necessarily inherently evil, and right people are not necessarily inherently evil, and our ability to notice gray area and to notice what compromise means and how much compromise has led us to where we are is important.”

— Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) August 15, 2018