Saudi Arabia’s women are allowed to drive, but not everyone is happy about it

 | Nabih Bulos  08/02/2018 9:29 AM MDT
Credit: Jaguar MENA -  Flickr

BEIRUT — From the very first day 31-year-old Salma Barakati got behind the wheel of her car after Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving, the men in her village near Mecca would gather around her and unleash a torrent of insults.

The insults soon turned to threats. Then, less than 10 days after women were allowed to drive, a neighbor woke up Barakati in the middle of the night: Her car was on fire.

“The men of the neighborhood burned the car because they are all against (women) driving, they don’t agree with it,” she said in a video shared on Twitter, her voice shaking as flames engulfed her vehicle.